Why Mafia: Definitive Edition is the Best in the Series

Emily Babblertik
3 min readFeb 17, 2022

Before I begin, I am not the greatest at reviewing games, but this is just my humble opinion that the first Mafia game is the best. This is not to say the two sequels were not good games, because they were. They just are not at the same caliber as the first one. My only real problem with Mafia III is the two guys and the lady helping you bitch and complain way too much. I try to be fair and give them land, but they just keep whining. I just wanted to but a bullet in their heads.

Voice acting: This game has some of the best voice acting and one-liners of many games I have played. The actors they got for this game did a great job with their characters. Their voices fit their character

Visual effects: All the Mafia games have great visual effects but this one was just stunning. The characters and the environment just come alive.

As with any games this one does have some issues that can be a pain in the ass. That race mission that just boils your blood. I never played the original, but that mission is a pain. This game is does not have the greatest controls when it comes to cars so that mission was a pain in the ass. With Mafia 2, you do not have race missions and it is a good game, but this game just beats it in overall environment and visual effects. The complaining and the change from the Mafia style make this better than Mafia III. That race mission needs to be fixed.

The game is somewhat short, which is in my opinion, a nice pace. After playing games that can take up 100 hours or more to complete it is nice to sit down to a quick game like this, although that racing missions may take some time to get passed.

For the price and the fun, I highly suggest you pick up this game if you have not played it before.

Now time to switch to the Godfather games. These two games follow the movie where your character is the one doing the hits and carrying out the missions. In my opinion these games need to be remade and the cheats need to stay. These games are a lot easier with the cheats since you can max out everything at the beginning.

The Godfather games do not have the solid story as the Mafia games, but they are one hell of a ride. Taking over business and extorting money as well as building up your own empire is what these games are about.

The Mafia games have better visual effects, but this game is much more open world whereas the Mafia games are more linear in an open world setting. In Mafia 2 you can roam a bit and do what I did and steal cars, sell them to earn money and buy all the weapons and ammo. Mafia III is fully open world, and you are going after the mob.

In the Godfather games you rise through the ranks from a soldier, and you can eventually rule New York. You will get tidbits of the Godfather movies and it is not necessary to watch the movie to understand the game, but it could not hurt.

Make sure to pick up the Godfather games as well as the Mafia games whenever you get the chance.

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