Why I Beleive the Extreme Left and Extreme Right are Similar

Emily Babblertik
3 min readFeb 27, 2024

This will be more of a rant and I may end up jumping around a lot so forgive me but in my opinion there really is not much difference between the extreme left and the extreme right in the way they vilify anyone that disagrees with them and their authoritarian nature. Sure they have separate agendas but they go about forcing their agendas in the same way as well as accuse the other side of doing what they do. Both sides think they are right and the other side is evil and as you read this and you think I am pointing to a particular ideology than I am actually talking about you. I may talk a bit about Republicans and Democrats though. Remember, Republicans have no heart and Democrats have no brain.
If you want to know my idea of fixing this situation is is difficult and no one will do it. It entails voting out every politicians in ever race from city councilman to President and never vote for the same person more than once no matter how good they are or if they try to run for a different office. Do this for several election cycles and the politicians may start listening to the populace instead of the wealthy. Also, declare corporations are not persons and cannot give money to politicians.
Right now Trumpers are blaming Biden for everything and this includes things he is not responsible for and once a Republican President takes over the left will blame that person for everything. People divide themselves, and there is no need for an outside source.
Neither political party cares about science or education, at least not the extreme left or right. Never forget it was the fat left that had some of Mark Twains books removed from school libraries as well as other books. Now the far right is doing the same. Has either party tried to improve funding for schools, increase teacher pay, spend more money to educate better teachers, offer free school breakfast and lunch, improve science, art, music, literature, physical fitness or anything else? How many schools offer the trades?
Neither side cares about free speech. Listen to how Trump and his supports treat people that disagree with them. Their is a guy that goes to Trump rallies so he can make fun of them but you will not see him doing the same at leftist events. If you search YouTube you will see how leftist respond to people that disagree with them asking them questions. The only speech either side likes is that which agrees with their own. By the way these far right people have even called their Jesus weak.
I already discussed illegal immigration so I will not go into in here but neither side really does much about it such as cutting funding to Mexico and other countries until they do something.
Neither side is going to do anything about rising costs such as rent, mortgage, groceries, gas and more as well as stagnant pay. They are owned by the corporations. The police are the rich mans bitch and will defend the corporations and their government masters over you (I know this bothers some). Corporations will raise prices and blame it on raising wages but they raise prices before wages are increased and many are having record profits. They do anything to lie in order to make it the worker’s fault when it is their own greed and evil mind.
I really wish world history and history of slavery was required so both sides would understand it. They will be forced to learn what happened to the whites that once lived were Turkey now exists as well as the Arab and North African invasion of Spain, Portugal and the parts of Europe. They will be forced to learn about how the Native Americans were treated, (and still being treated),as well as the fact that Europeans are not the only ones that practiced chattel slavery, invaded and colonized other peoples. They will also learn about what Native Americans did to each other. Both the extreme left and right want to rewrite history in a way that makes them feel good.



Emily Babblertik

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