Star Trek Discussion and My Idea of a Star Trek Game

Emily Babblertik
3 min readFeb 15, 2024

In this article I will talk about my idea from a Star Trek game as well as why I feel Seska from Voyager was a fool as well as a few other things.
First off I want to say that Seska on the the Show Star Trek Voyager was an idiot. She left Voyager and joined the Kazon, who have no respect for women. The Kazon were a violent, weak-minded, interior race that even the Borg would not assimilate. Seska just didn’t agree with how Janeway handled things but Captain Janeway was smart to destroy the array. There was no way she would have been able to use the array to get home with the Kazon showing up and the Kazon wanted to use it to destroy an entire race of beings. Seska thought she could manipulate the Kazon in order to take Voyager to get herself home and she died in the process.
Second off I want to talk about the Dominion in Deep Space Nine. In my opinion the Klingons were totally responsible for all the deaths that happened during the Dominion War and for driving the Cardassians into the arms of the Dominion. How many Klingon, Federation and Cardassian ships were lost during the Klingons foolish war.
I also do not see how the Dominion would have kept the Alpha Quadrant since the Founders were being wiped out and the Klingons would be very hard to control. I know the Jem’Hader would try to wipe out the Klingons and humans but their narcotic would have ran out without the founders. If the Klingons had not wasted so many ships and caused the Federation and Cardassians to waste ships the Dominion could have been kept under control, and I believe even a treaty could have been reached once the Founders realized they cannot manipulate the Alpha Quadrant into going into war with itself.
Thirdly I would not mind seeing a Star Wars and Star Trek cross-over taking place around the 50th — 60th century. It could be in a well written novel or a few episodes spanning a season. I am thinking more like a meet and greet and a few battles were the Federation aligns itself with a newly form Republic rising out of the ashes of the First Order.
There are people who would like to see a who would win scenario but if you look at 24th century Federation and the Kardashev scale (please look this up) you would see the Star Wars universe is technology a Type III civilization since they can travel and utilize their entire galaxy. Most of the moons, planets and asteroids can sustain life due to terraforming. This show a tremendous amount of technology and Star Trek will have transporter but most of their ships would be easily destroyed. The Federation is Type II.
The Borg may have a chance since they are very advance, also have transporter technology, can adjust and the main thing in their favor is their ability to assimilate technology and beings. All they have to do is assimilate one force sensitive and one Star Destroyer. Remember the Borg only sent one Borg cube to the Federation because they did not see the Federation as a threat or ready for assimilation but they would send thousands into the Star Wars Universe. This is why I say the combined power of the 24th century Star Trek minus the Borg has no chance but the Borg would probably win. Remember according to some the Borg are thousands of centuries old.
Finally I want to briefly talk about my idea for a Star Trek game. I feel it could be set around the 50th to 60th century or maybe 5000 years after the founding of the Federation. In this period the Federation is strong and exploring other galaxies when they come across another race conquering galaxies. It has been mentioned that their are alien races conquering galaxies. It game could be like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order and some some elements of the Mass Effect trilogy. It would have space battles and we see how the other species from the Federation main galaxy are doing. Perhaps the Founders, Cardassians, Bajor and Klingons have joined the Federation by now as well as most of the main galaxy. Perhaps some minor time-travel within reason and mention of the Star Wars Universe (perhaps we meet a few Star Wars characters or species).
I hope you enjoyed my article.



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