Some tips on spotting pseudoscience

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Before I begin everyone should know what a scientific theory is and a scientific fact so here is a nice video from Hank Green to help ( Pseudoscience is actually a lot easier o spot than you think, especially if you have a background in science. Scientists will publish their work in peer-reviewed journals and others scientist in their field will then check their work, duplicate their experiments and folllow their methods. Getting got lying in science means the end of your career. This isn’t meant to be all inclusive and there are a lot of videos and articles you can look up so let’s start.
Is what these people talking about in their field. If it is a biologist talking about evolutionary biologist, is he an evolutionary biologist? If not and he is contradicting evolutionary biology then he is spreading pseudoscience and misinformation. I am not saying a person cannot talk about subjects outside of their field but if they are contradicting the science then that person is most likely wrong. I have a degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry which requires a lot of genetics and I heard a guy who is on he atheist experience, smart guy, claim that their are studies that prove that genetics and neuroscience prove transgenderism, (not those words). When in actuality scientist have only did studies on a few hundred people and did find that trans and homosexual people will have the brain chemistry and structures similar to the gender they identify with. A scientist will tell you this is inclusive for a few reasons. One being a small sample size. If a person uses a small sample size and claims it has proof then they are spreading misinformation and even pseudoscience. I don’t think that guy was doing either on purpose. Finally in this case, as told by my Neuroscience professor years ago, it is possible their lifestyle changed their brain structures. Remember the neurons in your brain can change based on what you go through and your lifestyle. I strongly encourage you to look up all the research on trans and homosexuals or anything people claim knowledge of. Please note I am not well versed in this area of research so if you chose to look up information on gender identity and such please share.
Scientists or others talking out of their field is a huge red flag. The biggest offenders are creationist, climate change deniers, flat earthers and the like.
Whenever you read material from someone, check why are they writing what they write. Look up their background and the background of the journal or site they are posting on. Look at the credentials and do other scientist quote them.
If these people use the terms, “scientists won’t tell you,” or tell you to do your own research when an actual scientist or intellectual will gladly give you the material to learn. Pseudointellectuals will tell you to do your own research or they don’t have to explain anything to you because they have no clue what they are talking about while an intellectual or scientist will tell you to fact check them if you do not believe them. One is confident in their knowledge while the other one isn’t.
They will complain that science is always changing. Well we better be glad it does because that is how science works. It changes as it gets new information. These pseudoscientist tend to like to say that scientist are paid to lie, or don’t know what they are talking about or are hiding information. There is nothing stopping them from publishing their work in a reputable journal. Scientists would jump for joy if a person disproved evolution or any tenet of science because that means more money and research. They could also get a Nobel Prize as well as other prizes, fame and a lot of money. Of course these pseudoscience will claim they cannot get published but never mention it is because you have to have to be able to back up your findings and they need to be repeatable. On a side note, if these people that claim to be so much smarter than scientist and believe that climate change or evolution is wrong or vaccines don’t work or whatever I feel they are the most disgusting people on the planet for not sharing their great intelligence and wisdom with the rest of the world.
The politicians in Montana decided to try to pass a bill to ban any science that cannot be proven. If they were educated they would know that science doesn’t prove anything.
They may tell you something is bad or useless but give you no proof or examples. They never back up their claims or use arguments that have been debunked.
The media constantly misrepresents science. You will hear such things as, “this turns science on its head,” “scientists are stumped,” or “science may have to be rewritten” and many other such things. You can contact the scientist and they will gladly send you their work if you do not want to purchase a science article since scientists get no money from those articles. Most of the time what the media claims is no where near what the scientists are saying and scientists usually did predict what the media claims was astonishing. If you are religious would you listen to the media about your religion? Then why would you listen to them about science?
The most common a pseudoscientists will do and a pseudointellectual is ignore evidence. No matter how much evidence you provide and can back up they simply will not listen. Now, we all tend to be that way to a degree but in science that will cost you your job and reputation.
Please note this is not meant to be all inclusive and you can check out other videos and articles. Please check my bio.



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