Some reason I cannot be a Democrat or Republican or support a particular ideology

Emily Babblertik
8 min readApr 18, 2023

Both parties as well as leftist and right ideologies want to tell you what you can and cannot read, watch or games to play. They are both very cruel to those they disagree with. They both will destroy the lives of those they disagree with and gladly ban books. We hear of the right banning books but it is not like the left haven’t banned innocent child books. Just a heads up this will come across as a ramble than anything coherent.
Now this also extends to ideology and why I support none. If you go to elementary school as a male you know how nasty female teachers can be. I even made a TikTok video on it. There ae actually books and videos about female teachers targeting boys. When I was in elementary back in 1982 all the boys had to line up against the wall because the kids we playing but the female teacher only targeted the boys. In Junior High there was this girl with bushy hair, she is real fat now, that would always sit next to me and sniff me and make nasty comments to me. When I finally stood up to her the female teacher only listened to her. I mention this to show you how biased people generally are. You will find more hate content geared against men than women. Anti-male content is accepted but anti-female content is not. They are both wrong but people stuck in their ideology will not be able to see it. They cannot see, perhaps willingly when their political party is doing something bad but can easily point out when another party is doing the same.
People stuck in their ideology can believe some really scary stuff such as several leftist believing that the original Native Americans were black and each race is a different species. Yes, there are some on eh left that believe this. How is this different than the creationist nutjobs on the right?
People that are stuck in their ideology and political party seem to believe any wacky thing their heroes tell them. If so many people are dying from the Covid vaccine then were are the lawsuits and major protests?
I am about to say something that many of you will roll your eyes at but please keep reading. Racism, sexism, fascism, homophobia and religion are dying. I know it doesn’t seem like it but what happens when you corner a wounded animal? That’s right it lashes out. What we are seeing is these groups trying to do as much damage as possible before they fad into the trash heap of history. These groups are going to damage us as much as possible and most of these groups have mainly infected the right. They will never go way completely. Like a dormant disease they will resurface from time to time. Women know they can get away with hate content geared against men but if men do it then they are incels and such.
Ever noticed the media only makes fun of men or mainly makes fun of men. You don’t think that has an effect on little boys? As much as I like Marvel movies and will continue to watch them it does seem like they are trying to act as if men do not exist and put them as background characters. Honestly do not care if they swap the skin color of a Disney character. I have no idea why anyone cares about such things but I do notice that media wants to act is if men do not exist. Also notice how the media covers certain events. They want us divided for that ad revenue. They know if they can keep hate alive they get more clicks and views and make that money. That is their only concern (not all).
You have people on the left trying to force people to boycott Hogwarts legacy which I play on my YouTube channel and Twitch, check bio, and the right went after beer. If they do not like something and want to boycott that’s fine but do not go after others. In the beer incident the right did not target anyone but when it came to books and such they did.
You have women on he left that act as if all men are creeps and treat us like that. I have already gave example of what I went through in articles and videos but the women on the right are no different. I was walking on day and a group of women from were handing out gospel tracts. They gave one to the person in front of me and one was about to hand one to me but looked at me and then rescinded her hand and looked the other way. If their God and religion was real I would be going to Hell because of her. I remember going to a very conservative church and the women were just as self-absorbed and the feminist they hate. They think if you walk past them or look their direction you must be interested in them. It is stuff like this is why I cannot put myself in a box and call myself a leftist, communist, socialist, capitalist, right-wing, feminist, anarchist, democrat, republican or anything else, They are all cruel and hateful to those that are different. People in the extreme in these groups are very vocal and if you put yourself in one of these boxes you get identified as one. You cannot say not all communist just like a Christian cannot say not all Christians. That the no true Scotsman fallacy and it doesn’t work.
By the way to all those women that think all men or most men are creepy and dangerous, it is not my job to make you feel safe. I want to say something that will also anger people and that is if you do vote Republican you are the rich man’s bitch. The Republican party is the party of the rich and everything they do is to protect the interests of the rich. The democrat party protects the interests of criminals, illegal aliens but they do pretend to care about the poor. I cannot support the Republican party because they want to cut safety nets to help the poor and elderly. They are against worker rights and do not want to help children. I cannot support the Democrat party because they are way too lenient on crime and illegal immigrants.
Who knows perhaps one day men will be as perfect as many women believe they are, you know harassing retail and restaurant workers, calling cops on minorities and men out with their kids, make false accusations, locking isles harassing people’s kids and such. This is the point I am making and that is anyone can find bad in any group and make them look like the worst thing ever.
Do not dare disagree with the extremist on any side or they will gladly destroy your life. Some TikTok creators seem to make a living at exposing and destroying the lives of people. I get some people can be rude but that is no reason to destroy their lives. You do not know what they went through or is they are bipolar. Also these people will accept no apologies but you better bet they want you to accept their apology if they misbehave in public.
I heard a feminist in a wheelchair claim that her disability is a part of feminism but ignored the rights of disabled men. That is how far gone these extremists are and yet if you put yourself in the feminist category you are lumped with her and any man hating feminist. This is true no matter the ideology. This is why I do not lump myself into anything. I did register as a Republican 30 years ago but no longer identify as one and really need to change that to independent.
Ever notice that both the Far Right and Leftist are authoritarians that want to control what you watch, do, say and enjoy? Ever notice they may have different ideas but act the same in every way? There is something called the Horseshoe Theory which simply means if you move to far to the right you will come out on the left and if you move too far to the left you will come out on the right.
I hope you enjoyed this and please check out my bio. I just want to add a little from something else I wrote.
The same people that cut you off while driving when there is ample room behind you and in many cases in front are the same ones that smoke near you, block isles in stores, block stairs, won’t wear a face mask or get a vaccine and more. They are self-centered, entitled evil people.
The same people that say they do not believe in science, won’t wear a mask, disparage global warming or anything scientific are the types hundreds of years ago that would execute you for suggesting the Earth goes around the Sun and argue that the Sun goes around the Earth. Their kind would point to the sun and say, “See, common sense, you can see the sun going around the Earth. Scientist don’t know what they are talking about. Why can’t I feel the Earth moving?” This comes from both the extreme right as well as the extreme left. You will see this in just about any simpleton when what they believe is common sense is challenged by evidence. Try explaining dog behavior using science and actual experiments to people that believe their dogs have human emotions and think like them. Try to explain to them that dogs, like many animals, are social creatures which is why they appear happy to see you, (adding to the fact you are a source of food). Let’s not forget that dogs are like immature wolves. Wait and see people doing this with androids, claiming the have feelings and such and telling scientist that they do not know what they are talking about.
There is absolutely nothing that angers a person more than kindness, empathy, thinking of others and anything good. You are stopped at a red light and another driver wants in your lane so they can then go to the turn lane you can expect the driver behind you to lay into their horn. They expect others to let them merge but will show no such kindness to others. They are incapable of thinking of others, by the way they drive, how they walk, and everything else they do. They have no mercy, forgiveness or understanding. They are against free speech and due process but they expect to have free speech and due process if they are falsely accused. These people went from, “I may not agree with what you said but I will defend your right to the death to say it,” to “you said something I disagree with so now let’s destroy your life.”



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