Poverty Sucks

Emily Babblertik
14 min readMar 7, 2022


(Please not this is just my opinion and some may be exaggerated)

Poverty Sucks

How the poor get screwed

Table of Contents

1. Want to buy a house? Forget about it!

2. Rent and bad building managers and neighbors

3. Getting Sick (any illness)

4. Low paying jobs

5. Education

6. Police, crime & bail

7. Food & Dating

8. Politicians and the media

9. Side Hustle

10. Common things idiots say about the poor

1. Want to buy a house? Forget about it! Greedy real estate investors

So you’ve been saving your money for a down payment and found a home you like. It is in a good neighborhood and the price is low enough that you could easily pay the mortgage and even the loan officer is willing to approve the loan. What could go wrong, right?

Let me tell you what will go wrong. Those greedy real estate investors will pay cash for your house. They purchase all the homes the poor could afford to buy so they can resell it at a higher value or rent them out. They could care less about the poor trying to buy a house. Buying a home to invest in it when a poor person could of bought it makes them scum. If the home is move in ready they should keep their greedy hands off.

Do I think all real estate investors are scum? No, only the ones that makes money off the backs of the poor, which a lot of people do. They buy cheap houses that are in good condition and make sure the poor will never have a home of their own.

Everyone has a right to make money but when your greed is so bad that you are willing to take from others or are willing to prevent others from having something such as their own home then you are a scumbag.

Another obstacle in your way will be that down payment. The worse off you are the harder it is to make that down payment and then you got to hope your loan goes through. There are programs to help you with down payment assistance and if you are a minority or a veteran then you have access to more programs but none of them will save you from greedy scum sucking investors.

Most homes in your price range will be a disaster and I do not consider investors that purchase these homes are scum. These homes will have cabinets ripped out, holes in the walls and rough. They will have thousands of dollars of damage to them. Sure you can get a special loan that will pay for the repairs but you must be able to afford it.

You will be surprised of the homes I have seen. Make sure to check out the neighborhood. If everyone starts coming out to watch you, you may need to reconsider that home. You do not want to live in a poor neighborhood, trust me.

2. Rent and bad building managers and neighbors

If you are poor you have to worry about rent and no these greedy building managers and landlords want to increase the rent by hundreds of dollars a year. No you see why you may want to buy and why I consider these real estate investors that buy low cost homes scum. If you can’t pay your rent then you are on the street. You also have to pay for the water bill and have renters insurances.

If you are poor these building managers know they have you under their control so they may wait until the water bill I spast due to let you know about it and force you to may even more for it. They may even just split the water bill among tenants so if you do not use much water you still may end up paying hundred dollars just for water. It may not be legal or ethical but if you are poor you can’t do anything (scum sucking real estate investors remember?).

You could be paying you rent on time for years and they suddenly decide to kick you out with 2 weeks warning. Don’t expect to make any repairs and you will have to deal with break-ins.

Now we move on to neighbors — oh boy this is were the real fun begins. Do you smoke? Will guess what whether it is legal or not you will have neighbors that smoke in their apartments and outside your door. They will defend their right to slowly kill you. Cigarette smokers kill more people than gun violence and remember if they do not care about their health, their families or children’s health or the health of their pets you better not expect them to care about yours. You can look forward to a slow and painful death thanks to these smokers and saying something does not work. The building managers only care about rent the smokers and too addicted and weak. Only weak people get addicted to cigarettes, which is the only drug that kills innocent people. Smokers are murderers but they kill their victims much more slowly and painfully.

Your clothes will smell like cigarettes. Your apartment will smell like cigarettes. Everything will smell like cigarettes. You will develop a cough and these smokers will just accuse you of faking: “fake cough, fake cough” you will hear. I have no respect for smokers and they are lower than any drug addict since innocent people die slowly and painfully because of them not to mention th epollution they cause.

Smokers are not the only things you will deal with. Years ago I had a neighbor couple (they were not too bad) that would talk outside my door (I do not mind people hanging out and talking) and they actually thought I listened to them talk. I could hear them no matter what but they were not loud. You will have loud neighbors. Poor people are loud and thoughtless of their neighbors. They will blast music, have parties grill in front of your apartment. One neighbor of mine had the fire department called because she produced so much smoke. It was a huge fire from her grill that she had mere inches from the apartment. You can still see the burn marks although nothing caught on fire.

Your neighbors will also have dogs that poop everywhere and don’t expect them to clean it up. They will also get upset if you protect yourself against their dogs while they ignore leash laws. You may simply place an open umbrella between you and the dog and those people will get upset.

If you live in a poor neighborhood you can expect your car to be damaged and your mailbox destroyed. Your car can get tires flatten, scratches or they just run into it since those scum are drunk. Living in an apartment is worse. Those drunks will knock over the mailbox and you can expect USPS to stop replacing them. If you call to ask how to pick up your mail they will be extremely rude. They will inform you that your building manager must replace the mailbox, which means you are screwed.

3. Getting Sick (any illness)

Normally if you get injured or sick you can go to the doctor or hospital but if you are poor you will not even be able to afford the deductible. Some politicians, being scum that they are, have convinced people that free or affordable healthcare is a bad thing. They would sing a different tune if they were poor and had to go through the pain and suffering themselves.

If you get something as horrible as cancer you are doomed. If you have a child with a genetic disorder that will shorten their lives and you are poor your precious child will have a shorter and most likely miserable life.

Most jobs that keep their employees poor do not have decent benefits that help their employees and morons actually think they get to choice their doctor or healthcare plan. A sorry folks that is chosen by your employer unless you have money and can afford your own insurance and you choices are between expensive coverage or slightly less expensive coverage.

Something as common as the cold is worse when you are poor. Most employers will not care if you are sick. Show up or get fired. They know you have little choice, which is why I will give them more in depth consideration shortly.

Since you have a cold all you can do is wait it out unless you can afford a doctor who can give you something to lessen the symptoms or purchase over the counter medication, which is expensive.

You can bet your tail being poor means you will receive less attention at the hospital for injuries or illnesses.

Let’s not forget that health insurance cuts into your already low pay so as your insurance premiums and rent increase you end up with less money every year.

4. Low Pay Jobs

I have already wrote an eBook on the awful truth about college and I have a whole series on YouTube (Ferrari King is my channel name, although I do gameplay now). I will not go into the debt you will accumulate with a college degree and no matter your major getting a job at the wrong place or the wrong college can doom you to poverty. Try not getting a raise in 20 years while everything increases in price. You may think, why not just get another job. Well if you are poor and shy that is not easy. Most companies do not like to give people opportunities although they were given a chance at one time. They also do not want to be the one that gives you a big pay raise. Not to mention being afford the drive and taking time off.

Certain majors such as anything with the word studies in it or survey of, art, music, history, philosophy, English literature and such will not get you a job, that is plain and simple but STEM and other such degrees are not a guarantee either especially if you are shy. Never ever, and I cannot stress this, stop at a BS or MS degree. Get yourself a PhD, medical degree, law degree or such. BS and MS do not pay no matter your major and some jobs will never give you a raise or cost of living increase.

Low paying jobs such as retail and restaurants are even worse. I worked at a fast food restaurants when I was 16 and one of the ladies working there had a son that was rushed to the hospital and she was trying to leave and the supervisor said to her (female supervisor — not that it matters), “What is more important, your child or your job.” The supervisor felt the job was more important so the lady had no choice but to quit. They think of you as commodities, for example the man that owned that franchise said we were a dime a dozen. Many of the people in charge can be scum but not all.

These low paying jobs seem to want to keep you in poverty. I can understand not wanting to pay a person $15 an hour to flip a burger but these companies could at least give their employees the tools to get an education. Perhaps billionaires and corporations should be offered tax incentives to help their employees go to college, pay for breakfast and lunch for school children, fix the roads, buy books for poor college kids and such. I would trust them more than the government.


Despite what some weak people say there are much more opportunities, scholarships and grants for women and minorities. It is also easier for them to get internships and jobs since many companies want them. Also, and this is for everybody, make sure to make friends with your professors, do research, internships and such so you will not have to pay for graduate school or professional school.

If you are poor you have a chance to further your education but your chances are a lot slimmer than it is for anyone else. Don’t be shy about going to community college, medical field, trade-school (avoid for profit schools) if it means a better future.

If you do not get a good paying job and nothing guarantees you a good paying job, after college you could look forward to staying poor for a very long time.

I highly recommend furthering your education but be careful. Work while you are in college and remember those with money will have better access to help, equipment and programs as they go through school and college.

If your major has the word studies in it, or survey of then you are screwed. Most of those majors are not actually education since there is no peer review since they must all agree with each other so think twice about it.

I firmly believe in financial literacy so please read my story on why I feel financial literacy is important. Check out: Rich Dad; Poor Dad, Millionaire Next Door, Millionaire Mindset, The Wealthiest Man in Babylon, Money, Master the Game by Tony Robbins.

6.Police, Crime & Bail

The police are much more likely to write you a ticket if you are poor and expect them to act as if they want to pull you out of your car and beat you even if you are cooperating. The media only cares if they attack minorities and the weak fall for it, but don’t be one of them. It is the poor, regardless of skin color or gender that will have the police come down on them.

The police know the poor are less likely to be able to afford a lawyer and you can search on YouTube about cops planting drugs on people. You can bet there are more cops doing it and their buddies knew about it. The poor will be targeted more and they can expect the 8th amendment to the constitution to be violated in every conceivable way.

As I mentioned earlier living in a poor neighborhood, especially an apartment means your vehicle will be damaged somehow. Those type of people just do those things and the cops will do nothing.

Obviously I am not implying all cops are bad but in general if you are poor many of them will come down harder on the poor. The poor will receive longer sentences than people with money, although the evil media will turn this into a race issue to keep the poor divided. Almost everything the media and celebrities blame on racism is actually caused by classism and being poor. Don’t listen to them.

7.Food & Dating

If you have a college education you obviously want to be with someone with a similar education, right? If you are poor that is not going to happen, especially if you are a guy. Women tend to date guys that have more money so you are screwed. Not all women are like that and you might get lucky. The main problem is being able to afford going on a date or anything that goes along with it.

If you are poor it is also easier for a woman, even a man (if you’re a woman) to lie and get you kicked out of college so be very careful. Colleges are not going to listen to you if you are a man and they are even less likely to listen to you if you are poor.

You have to be much more careful of the people you date (male or female) since they are more likely to take advantage of you. Remember this: If they cheated on someone with you then they will also cheat on you with someone else.

Now onto to food. All you can afford is high fat, high sugar foods so you will not be healthy. You also cannot afford a gym and jogging can be dangerous in poor neighborhoods with all the lose dogs.

Eating beats, spinach, kale, and such will be nearly impossible due to their price and your increasing rent and health insurance not to mention your pay stays the same.

Not only can you not afford to eat healthy, you cannot afford to buy perishable foods such as fruits or vegetables that spoil quickly.

You may also live in what is called a food desert, meaning there are no good food chains in your area and you have to drive further for food.

8.Politicians and the media

If you are poor than those slimy politicians and talking heads on TV are not on your side. They will say anything to get you to watch so they can get that ad revenue. The politicians will say anything to get into office or stay in office. Look at the neighborhoods that vote democrats, they are still poor. In fact most of them live on hand outs which is the worst thing you can do. Whatever they give you can be taken away.

The media wants us divided and so do the politicians so they can make more money for themselves. How about celebrities you ask? Well have you listened to them talk. They are only repeating what their handler told them to say. Sure a few politicians, celebrities, and media personalities may care but they are overshadowed by the many more that don’t. Please vote but remember if you are poor than you vote counts less since they count on you to not do your work and research the candidates.

When you watch the news remember they are owned by a handful of corporations that tell them what to say. The media, politicians and celebrities best weapons to control the masses, and especially the poor are: the bible, children and the flag but they also use fear mongering such as claiming the other side is after your rights or are un-American (British or whatever your nationality is) or they will use children.

Remember illegal immigration hurts the poor more than any other group, from jobs to crime. Notice all the rioting? Notice they don’t go to the celebrity neighborhoods, only the poor? The poor will always get screwed.

9.Side Hustle

I absolutely hate the term side hustle but I will use it here. Some of you may think why not sell merchandise on Teespring, write eBooks or start a YouTube channel (my YouTube channel — Ferrari King has links to all of these) well I will tell you the problem.

If you want your YouTube channel to grow then you need to be able to edit you videos (gameplays in my case) and create nice thumbnails. Well if you cannot afford the programs to do such things then you will have a very slow growing channel such as I do. No one will watch your videos and no one will subscribe no matter what you do.

If you want to create nice design for Teespring then you need good software which if you are poor you cannot afford. Sure you can try the free ones but they do not compare. No one is buying you merchandise no matter how hard you try to sell it. Without money it is very hard.

Ebooks require editing and a nice cover page but if you are poor you cannot afford such software so no one is going to buy or read your eBooks.

You could get a second job but that is more difficult than it sounds. If you are college educated they will assume you are quitting, what they think is a good job for them and look at you with suspicion. Let’s also not forget that low paying jobs are not going to work with your schedule.

Many people will give you unsolicited, useless advice which may even put you in further debt and they expect you to listen since somehow they have all the answers. They would tell you they could get that raise, as if they will be the first person in 20 years out of thousands that made that attempt.

I would really like it if you guys would visit my YouTube channel but being poor means it is low quality. People with money can make much better thumbnails and put much more effort in their videos.

Check out Printify and this site also.

10.Common things idiots say about the poor

There are plenty of things idiots say about the poor that are mind numbing insipid and moronic but I will only deal with a few.

One thing these insipid simpletons like to mention is the nice smart phone many poor people have. Well you can get a real cheap and nice cell phone from Wal-Mart and there are some decent plans from Virgin mobile, Cricket and others that are affordable. Obviously some poor people are stupid and will charge the expensive phones but they are rare.

Another thing these creatures like to mention is government assistance. Of course they hate the idea of the poor getting a helping hand until they need that help. Most of the poor do not abuse government assistance and I do believe they should work if they can.

Many of those mindless scum talk about the poor as if they are dirty, criminals or just stupid. Well there is only a small fraction that commits crime and if you are born poor then there is a good chance you will stay that way no matter how smart you think you are. Have you heard the celebrities speak? They can barely put sentences together as well as the athletes but they are rich. Many of them break the law but the police and the justice system is a lot easier on them.

Many people treat the poor as if they are just losers but most just want a descent life which they can never afford.



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