Overly Optimistic People and People that Give Unsolicited Advice are Annoying

Emily Babblertik
3 min readApr 26, 2023

I don’t know about you guys but people that are overly optimistic and give advice that was not asked for are extremely annoying. If I am not talking to you I obviously do not need your advice. You will see this a lot.
I have my own YouTube channel [www.youtube.com/c/ferrariking] were I do noobthroughs of games and I have had people tell me I should use better tags. First off, I am looking at similar videos and checking out their tags and secondly they never give suggestions. A lot of times when people give unsolicited advice they do not know your situation or what they are talking about, hence the tag suggestions. You will notice many times if they end up in your situation they will not take the advice they gave you. Sometimes their advice will cost you money and most of the time it doesn’t work.
If you are the type of person that complains a lot then you must expect unsolicited advice because that is just as annoying. These people that give unsolicited advice or are overly optimistic will almost always remind you that others have it worse as if you don’t know. Am I suppose to trivialize what I am going through because of what others have it worse? I will never understand their need to trivialize one persons pain because someone else has it worse. Telling a person that does not help. You might as well send thoughts and prayers because that doesn’t work either.
Overly optimistic people will tell you, “don’t worry, your time will come,” even though you have waited over 20 years for a better job or they will tell you, “don’t worry you will meet someone,” even though it has been nearly 35 years. I had an aunt, not a blood relative, that was near 60 that use to make passes at me when I was in my mid-20’s. She was one of these overly optimistic types and use tell tell me that I should wait until after high school for something and I reminded her that I graduated 10 years earlier. They way I spoke to her would make another of my aunts laugh.
These overly optimistic people have told me that people will one day wake up and see how the politicians and businesses are and yet they say this time after time for 20 years and people have been saying that for decades, if no centuries. No they will not wake up. Sorry for getting political but overly optimistic people are more annoying when they talk politics. They actually think that the next election will fix everything and the new President or politician they voted for will make drastic changes, not realizing how complicated the political process is and all the channels legislation has to go through.
They tell you to get an education because it opens doors but they do not realize that is only if you are out going, do not suffer from social anxiety, and know people. Have you looked at the small percentage of people with a college education that actually get good paying jobs?
If you do not have money they will tell you to start a TikTok, YouTube channel or start streaming. They will also tell you to sell merch but guess what, none of that means you will make money. As I am writing this, 4/26/2023 I have been on YouTube for 7 years and only have 1102 subscribers and nowhere near 4000 watch hours to make money, not to mention none of my merch sells. I am not the only one that receives these annoying advice and have to hear from overly optimistic people about how easy it is to make money and such.
No matter how bad or hopeless the situation is, the overly optimistic people will claim things will get better, no matter the evidence in front of their face.
I could go forever on this and just had to rant. I do hope you check my bio and read my other articles. Thanks.



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