How to tell if your degree is useless or low pay

Emily Babblertik
3 min readApr 17, 2023

A lot of people look forward to college and those from wealthy family that get to go to prestigious will do well not matter what. They will then get jobs to tell us how easy life is and make laws affecting us all. For the average person I will give you some tips on how to tell if your degree is useless or will get you a low paying job. Please check out my video on my gaming YouTube channel and check out my, “Awful Truth About College,” playlist.
Let’s start with the obvious. If your class or major has the word or words studies or survey of, then you are risking a useless major and low pay. History and Biology also do not pay well. Education certainly doesn’t pay well. Gender studies, women’s studies are useless and most material are made up and they tend to contradict each other and go hard against anyone not towing the line. The cannot stand criticism. This is also true about Biblical studies which is even more useless and unless you are going to be a pastor it will get you no jobs. It is also in my opinion the lowest of the majors, even lower than gender studies or women’s studies. Also do not each. I already wrote an article on it and please read. No raises, well maybe $50 a year raise if you are lucky and the kids, parents and administrators are terrible.
Also don’t major in folklore or philosophy or similar. You can do it as well as the studies majors if they are a second major if you wish. I strongly suggest you major in business with your main major and take classes on investing and finances as well as accounting, marketing if your on social media and sales if you want to sell on social media. Don’t forget to take economics and marketing.
When I was at the University of South Florida many years ago we had an art professor that had her students read the S.C.U.M manifesto (society for cutting up men) which is a very hateful book geared against men. There was a Physics professor at another college that told his students that women are wasting their time in his class because women cannot do math. Be prepared to deal with such professors and your male professors will be worse on average. The guy I had for Organic Chemistry told a woman to get the hell out of his office for simply saying hi. There was a guy that only spoke French teaching calculus.
Sorry to say this and many may not like this but Bible College is not a real college and stay away or be careful of for profit colleges.
STEM does not guarantee a good job or pay and the same for nursing or any other field. What matters most is your grades, not how much you know, and who you know. If you suffer from social anxiety like me then do not expect much because you have to network. Don’t forget trade schools or a good idea.
College dorms are horrid and I already made a video about it so I will not rehash everything u but it is very hard to pass science classes when you cannot get sleep because of some pretty boy business major partying all night. Business classes are easy and pay well. I used business class for a free A. No real work required and it pays well if you major in Business. I remember hearing that the girls dorm had mold and was hot because women would turn off the AC and allow the rooms to swelter while leaving dirty dishes in the sink. The men would vomit in the sinks instead of the toilet. Not to mention the amount of noise they make at night.
Make sure your major is in demand by checking the want ads and please avoid the dorms. I hope you enjoyed this and remember not all professors are bad and you probably can make money from any major if you are clever enough but Business, nursing, politics, trades and STEM are where the jobs are but make sure to network. Please check my bio.



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