How to Grow Your YouTube Channel [part 2]

Emily Babblertik
3 min readMar 1, 2022

Everyone on YouTube wants to be popular and if you are not me then that is a possibility for you. I hope you read part 1 after this or before. I will show you more steps that I started taking that has increased my subscribers and views. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

You Need to get YouTube Studio app for your cell phone. In my opinion that is a must. It makes tracking your analytics a lot easier as well as your watch time, click through rate and more. That app makes a lot of things easier.

Apparently, using putting words like [this] helps your video get a better rank. Just look at some of the top videos. They make do such things as [amazing], or some other words. You should always look up videos that are like yours and adjust your title.

Have you noticed that a video that is number 1 on YouTube is nowhere to be found when you google that title? Although Google owns YouTube, they use different ways to rank your video. It is very helpful to have your video rank high on both platforms. Remember that Google as voice recognition software so make sure you mention the title of your video several times or the name of the game and the mission you are playing. You can also mention a few other key words. For example, you can mention souls’ game any time you play Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Demon Souls.

Your thumbnails need to stand out which means they cannot or should not match YouTube’s colors of white, red and black. People do tend to respond better to red which I have been using but I plan to use more blue, orange or some other color.

Tube buddy is excellent for key words. You can check out similar videos and copy their key words and you can type in a key word and Tube Buddy will give you ideas. I do not pay for the service but you can if you chose.

This is obvious but many people forget this, but you must be entertaining. If you are monotone and do not seem interested, then your audience will not be either. Also, engage your audience. If you are playing games, then talk about the game and invite your audience to give their opinions. In your comment section write a comment and pin it, in which you invite people to talk about the game. Also, you could give a link to you play list or similar games or whatever you are having on your channel. Your audience needs to know you are interested in them because without them then you have no channel, remember that.

You must be consistent. Upload on a regular schedule so your subscribers know when to expect more videos. Make sure to have a video for subscribers and for new visitors. If you do not know how to do this then here is how: Go to YouTube and click on your profile picture, click on, your channel, and then click on customize channel. Once you do that you will see for new visitors and for returning subscribers. On the right you will see where you can edit it and add a video. I recommend your most popular video or current game you are playing. Up until yesterday I had a boring video up that no one cared about. My new video has already gotten more views in 1 day than that old lead video did in 1 year.

I hope this helps you and please subscribe to my channel and read others things I have written such as my Presidential bid, short stories, financial literacy book recommendations and more. Also, from my YouTube channel you can get to my Twitter page where I sell stickers and you will find a link on my website where I sell eBooks. I also have Teespring store. I wish you all success and I know you all will be much more successful than me.



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