How Science Really Works

Emily Babblertik
4 min readApr 19, 2023

The thing about science is you cannot derive absolute truth and people often times are not intellectually honest enough to even to try to understand what a scientific theory is so I will include this video by Hank Green, I highly recommend you watch it. One thing about scientific theories is not only do they need to be repeatable but they should be able to make predictions. Examples would be in Evolutionary Biology when Darwin and later scientist made predictions based on their theories that if their theories were true then they would have to find such and such thing. The planet Uranus was found by an astronomer making predictions based on his theories. Many elements were made based off of Dmitri Mendeleev’s theories and his work creating the periodic table of the elements. He knew certain elements were going to be found and they were. Science changes as it gets new information which the religious (creationist mainly) and certain groups cannot possible understand.
I will not go through the entire process of conducting scientific research but unlike TV shows and movies you cannot just make something up or claim something works that way. Also just because a person is a scientist doesn’t mean they understand every branch of science like they show in the movies and TV. That is impossible and people are not born knowing everything as they show on TV or movies. There was a show on the the 1990’s called Sliders, good show, but they had the guy and his professor who were both cosmologist being able to figure out how to cure diseases and do things that they could not possibly understand since it would be outside their field. In this show they travelled to parallel worlds. In one episode they travel to a world almost identical to their own so they thought they were home. The professor gets kidnapped by his double on that world who then impersonates him claiming to the world he invented sliding. All of a sudden without proof he has statutes of him and scientist listening to him. That would not happen in the scientific community. He would first have to show his research and how he conducted it. He then would have to run trials to prove it works and that other dimensions existed. You can look up how scientists conduct research if you chose and I promise it is arduous. Without any evidence to back up his claim he would be considered a fraud.
There are many things that seem obvious and the intellectually impoverished thinks they have something over a scientist than when it is tested turns out not to be true. The intellectually impoverished will tell you that the temperature is always rises and falls and back during this time they claimed global cooling and such. They do not or will not understand that temperatures or rising faster today than ever so species cannot adapt and they call it climate change instead of global warming because the temperature will not rise the same everywhere.
The media is the worst place to get your scientific information. You can look up scientific journals and then contact the scientist directly for a copy of his/her work which they will gladly send you. They make no money off those journals. The media will purposely misconstrue scientific work and say things such as, “it turns science on its head,” “science has to be rewritten,” and such. When you read the article you will find it says nothing of the sort and may not even contain anything the reporter is reporting. Remember they want that ad revenue.
Please say this out loud, “TV and movies are not science and do not represent science.” Most shows and movies would be boring if they did. Jurassic Park is not how genetics or scientist work. If they were able to clone a dinosaur they would be so much more careful than that movie, which I will admit is good. I bring this up because many times when scientist are going to genetically alter something, clone something or anything of that nature people think it will happen the way they saw on TV or in the movies.
Sadly politicians who know absolutely nothing about science or how the human body, especially a woman’s body make laws about something they do not want to understand. Remember that education is dangerous to the conservative, religious, some leftist, fascists, racist and a few others. According to a 2015 Pew Research Center study the better educated one becomes tends to learn how to think and the more you know the less susceptible to thin reasoning and easy answers you become. This is why certain groups attack education, want to ban books and states such as Missouri want to ban anything taught in science that is not proven, as if science proves anything. Only mathematicians can prove anything true 100%.
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