Here is are some reason why I have my own gym and would never go to a commercial gym

Emily Babblertik
5 min readApr 17, 2023

At one time I am sure going to the gym was a fun experience but it hasn’t been that way in a long time. In the 1980’s I remember this big guy on steroids constantly telling my brother and me to put back out weights when we went to get some water. Let’s not even mention the staring, of course women think they are the only ones that get starred at. You also see women toughing and starring at men but it is only bad when men do such things. It took me many years to have all the equipment for my home gym but it is not just equipment you need, but room and I am so glad I now have both. Here is a video from my YouTube gaming channel about some annoying people you meet at the gym, feel free to also subscribe. I will begin why I am glad I own my own gym and will never go to a public gym again.
One of the most disgusting things I see in the gym is people, mainly men, leaving their sweet on gym equipment. I do not know why they cannot clean that mess up.
It is also mainly men that hog up all the equipment or sit on equipment while not using it. They spend more time working out their mouths that their muscles. They will also camp out at the equipment while they take 40 minutes to get ready to use it.
Having my own gym means I can listen to my own music. In a public gym, usually a women, will just change the radio without asking anyone first. If the radio is playing and you want to listen to something else, please ask the other people first before changing the music. I am just glad I get to listen to my own music. perhaps I should do another one of these about why I am glad to be single.
At the public gym you can forget about people putting their weights back. In my home gym I do not have that problem. All the weights ae mine and I will always put them back. By the way walking across the gym with a plate in front of your chest is actually a good back workout, especially if you rotate the weight like a steering wheel.
In a public gym I once had a guy ask me if I needed help and when I said yes, he got mad and walked away. I will never encounter that in my own gym. Also, their was this personal trainer that wanted to use the adjustable bench I was on so I moved to the next bench. I did not need the adjustable bench at that time. We both moved my weights over. Well, a couple days later a guy said to me that I made his friend nervous by throwing the weights in anger. This is a problem with people in general. They form an opinion about you and force any interaction or anything they see into that opinion, not to mention most people are self-absorbed and thoughtless. That that bozo saw and what actually happened were two different things and the same with what I said to the guy earlier in this paragraph versus what he heard were two different things. This is not only the reason why I have my own gym but also why I avoid people.
A lot of times the gym is way too busy but my home gym is always available. No waiting to use the equipment or anything.
As with everywhere now, simple acts of kindness such as holding the door open for someone or helping someone put back weights can get you yelled at or in trouble. I know only hold the door for other men. I have never had a man get upset for random acts of kindness. A blind man got kicked out of a gym because a woman claimed he was staring at her and it did not matter to her or the gym employees that he was blind.
People filming in the gym and getting mad at other people that come near or men that film in the restroom, which is illegal. Their are countless videos of women purposes setting men up to expose them on social media and men trying to start confrontations in restroom against other men that are changing and don’t want them filming and this is why I follow Joey Swoll because he calls out these people. You also get people, Joey Swoll calls these people out too, that will film others working out and post it on social media to make fun of them. There is never a reason to make fun of a person working out and if they are doing something that may injure them than tell them. That same physical trainer I mentioned earlier once told me that the way I was doing cable rows would hurt my back so I did them the way he told me. If they chose not to listen that is their problem and it will be mainly men that will not listen.
In my own gym I do not have to worry about the gym creep, they can be either men or women but mainly men. They follow you, film you and harass you. I also like to to a fast walk around my house, since there is no way I will jog or walk outside for the following reasons. Even if you are a man, some creepy man feels the need to follow you. Women stare at you like you are about to do something to them. I had a woman ask me if I was a sex offender and another that would insult me every time I jogged by. I have had several say they can run faster than me because they were too simply to be able to differentiate between running and jogging. I tis funny listening to them panting but still annoying.
There are way to many weirdos that make the gym a horrible place and too many weirdos that jogging outside dangerous. This is not all inclusive and feel free to add what you dislike about the gym and if you have your own gym, what you like about it. Also please check my bio and follow me on YouTube.



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