Even more adventures of the annoying Dunning Kreuger and his wife Karen the Karen

Emily Babblertik
4 min readApr 20, 2023

I am your favorite person in the world and my name is Dunning Krueger and I am with my lovely wife, Karen the Karen. I want to start off and say I always do my research and no it does not include looking up the authors and determining what they get out of publishing an article or promoting a video. I look for anything that supports my views and hope they can say it in what I consider an intelligent way. I don’t believe in evolution or climate change and don’t ask my to back up my claims or present any evidence to the scientific community. I am sure the people I read and listen to know what they are saying even though they have no real education in the subject they are talking about, do not publish in reputable journals and got a Nobel Prize by disproving the things I am against. I will always say masks and vaccines don’t work and are harmful even though 5 billion people are vaccinated and people tell me that masks prevent me from spreading disease. Why would I do anything to protect others and don’t tell me that vaccines are more effective when more people are vaccinated. The guy on YouTube and TV said otherwise.
Unlike scientists, educators, and other educated people I have no doubt that I have the smarts. Why should I have self-doubt when I have an old book that tells me what to believe and a man on stage at church, or guy on TV or a videos tells me what to think. I know they have get smarts because they also have no self-doubt. The people I listen to and I will always promote antivaxxer, anti-evolution and other anti-science material since the people I listen to who have no real education in the area they speak say they do not like experts, scientists and the educated. Those of us with an education from a Trade School are more valuable than scientists, doctors, engineers and such. Don’t ask me how we will maintain technology and get new technology, improve or provide medical care, educate or kids and such without these people. [Note: the author has nothing against people going to Trade School but some have actually said this].
If a person has a degree in Physics, Geology, Biology and the various subfields in these areas I expect them to know everything from how the Universe began, to how life formed and the entire evolutionary process and explain it to me, not that I would listen. Also, do not tell me people have had health problems, heart problems and died young before the vaccines. Don’t tell me about or show me evidence about people getting serious health-related problems such as heart disease including going into cardiac arrest after getting Covid and before vaccines. I don’t care about doctors warning and showing young people have serious lung and heart problems after vaping before Covid ever existed. I will only list to people that agree with me even though they keep getting sued and losing for spreading information they cannot back up and can easily be debunked.
People have said I am beyond, hope, beyond redemption, have no real education, have no empathy (because I said my right not to wear a mask is greater than your right to live), no kindness, no compassion and I will not stop mocking people that actually know what they are talking about. No I know everything. I enjoy the fact that people get frustrated dealing with me.
Now it is time for my wife, Karen the Karen.
Hello, I am Karen the Karen and every one knows how much trouble I like to make for service workers. Well I also am completely incapable of putting myself in other people’s position so if you are in a left turn lane and another care on the other side of the road is in their turn lane I will not be able to figure out you cannot see oncoming traffic, especially if you are in a care and will honk my horn at you and get angry. I will always put my needs and wants above yours. I will block isles and get angry with you for squeezing past..
When I was dating I enjoyed going on dates and then complain about all men. I would and still do say some horrid stuff about men and treat them like they are all creepers trying to harm women. I have asked a guy minding his own business walking if he was a sex offender. I was at a bookstore blocking an isle while talking to my daughter and told her some innocent guy looking at books made me nervous. I always give guys dirty looks and get upset with any guy that walks past me in the gym, accusing them of being creeps then I put them on social media. If I see a man with a kid I will call the police. I will ignore the fact that women make more sexist, hateful videos than men.
I heard some people say that kids should clean their schools like they do in some countries and everyone should serve in the military in some capacity for 2 years or must serve their community for 2 years before going to college but as a Karen I will pitch a fit if anyone tries to install discipline and respect, kindness or anything of that nature in my child.
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