A Noob’s Review of Dead island 2

Emily Babblertik
3 min readApr 24, 2023

I have now played Dead island 2 for many hours and I feel I can give my review. Compared to Dead island and Dead island: Riptide I will say Dead island cannot compete. Dead island 2 is much more difficult than the previous games. Weapons break easier and zombies are harder to kill and more aggressive. I would say it is even more difficult than Dying Light and Dying Light 2. Dead island is meant to be fun while Dying Light is meant to be more serious. Here is my noob self fighting Becki the Bride: https://youtube.com/live/kZ6j465391k please subscribe.
In my opinion Sam B. is by far the best character to play but you cannot play as him, which is fine since he is still in the game. He’s arrogant but as we saw in the previous games he can back up his talk. In Dead island like most games, they assume if a person or zombie is muscular or tall that means they are nearly invincible or in A Plague Tale if they have a helmet on they are invincible. Zombies hit you with their arms and somehow that does massive damage and the muscular zombies do the same and they kick. At least the muscular zombies cannot run for some reason.
I really hope if they make a Dead island 3 and a Dying Light 3 they will add the ability to work out to get stronger and improve stamina like in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I made CJ huge in that game. Honestly I think this would improve the game as well as adding better skills such as rolling and making dodging easier. The more we use our skills the more they should improve. Dead island 3 characters seem to have good stamina unlike our character in Dying Light but it can be improved.
I would not call Dead island 2 a bad game. I think it is still fun but it does need a difficulty setting since it is not a From Software or Team Ninja game. For the hardcore gamers then it should have a setting for them and an easy setting for those like me. We should be ale to change it if we feel it is not working for us.
The combat in Dead island 2 is good but sometimes you seem to miss the zombie for no reason and even if you are giving a zombie a beat down they may still manage to hit you or kill you. Personally like like most of the characters but the housekeeper is annoying. She calls your character and the zombies demons which shows how superstitious she is. This has nothing to do with the developers but she is annoying.
The game limits the number of med pacts to 5 and they do not heal much. This is probably one of the many gripes I have about this game. Your character will heal if you avoid taking damage for awhile but against a boss that is not practical. This game does have satisfying ways to kill zombies and some fun side missions. The difficulty can make it unplayable for many. So far I am doing alright but do get annoyed. The difficulty is my biggest problem with this game. If it wasn’t for the difficulty I feel this would be such a fun game and more people would actually enjoy it.
If we were playing as Sam B. we would mop the floor with those zombies. I hope you enjoyed my so-called review and please read my other works and check out my bio.



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